Juvenile Law

Maine has a juvenile justice system established to address criminal offenses committed by juvenile offenders. Juvenile criminal cases are not dealt with through the same system as adult criminal cases. Instead, they are addressed in the district court and typically closed to the public. Juvenile cases begin with an initial appearance where preliminary conditions are set, often including the assignment of a juvenile community corrections officer continues through a final adjudicatory hearing or a trial where a juvenile may be found responsible or not responsible for a criminal offense. Records of juvenile convictions are not typically available in response to criminal record checks.

Our attorneys will defend juvenile cases and regularly appear in family court. Seasoned defense is beneficial when dealing with a prosecutor, JCCO, school officials, and, from time to time, DHHS officials.

We work with all concerned parties to fashion realistic outcomes and then assist our clients to meet case goals. We also size up the allegation, consider the evidence and work with even our youngest clients to determine when to contest allegations and try cases.